Research Projects

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    Digital Preservation Sustainability

    Investigating ways to ensure the sustainability of digital preservation initiatives.

    I am working with various colleagues on issues involving digital preservation sustainability. While there has been a significant amount of work in this and related areas, there is still more research needed. Some of the work has been mostly theoretical or has focused on large organizations that may, or may not, be relevant for smaller institutions.

    I am also looking into ways universities can form sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships with community museums, historical societies, and cultural institutions in respects to long-term access and preservation of digital objects.

    Some of the results of my research can be found in the book I co-authored with Dr. Heather Lea Moulaision, Digital Preservation for Libraries, Archives, and Museums, which was published in 2014 by Rowman & Littlefield.

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    Metadata for Digital Preservation

    Investigating best practices involving metadata for digital preservation and curation.

    I am partnering with colleagues across the country to investigate good and best practices for the use of metadata in digital preservation. This includes exploring the use of embedded metadata for long term access.

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    Open Source Software

    Investigating ways to develop and implement Open Source Software in the cultural sector in a sustainable manner.

    I am partnering with software developers and others in the cultural heritage sector to create a white paper on "Steps/Issues to consider before establishing an Open Source Project." The goal of this project is to help developers and administrators to make informed decisions about releasing software as Open Source Software.

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    Discovery Layer Assessment

    Assessing the use and usability of library discovery layers.

    Many academic libraries, has implemented a discovery layer on top of their catalog, subscribed content, and digital collections. However, how do we know that this is the most effective way for students and faculty to find content within our collections? What changes can be made to make it easier for researchers to find the resources they need? Using analytics, we hope to begin to answer this question. We hope that this applied research will lead to improvements with the usability of our discover layer and allow students and faculty to efficiently find the most relevant resources for their research.